Things To Make Your Boss Like You The Most.

Have you ever thought of why your boss always hate you? Do you think it’s just how he/she is or it is your attitude that triggered the hatred between you and your boss? I guess you know the implications if your boss hates you at work? You will never find happiness at work.

This article was written to address some of the things employees do to make their bosses hate them at work.

Be Reliable.

Bosses hate to work with people who are not reliable. It the wish of every boss to work with the workers he can always rely on and depend on. These are some of the things that make you not reliable;
i. Not able to meet deadlines
ii. Not able to deliver on assignments you give them
iii. You must constantly remind them of what work they have to do.

Admit Mistakes.

Everybody makes mistakes in this life. It is therefore normal to make mistakes, but you should be able to admit any mistakes you make. Your actions tell a lot about you. You are going to be loved by your boss anytime you admit your mistakes and tries not to repeat them anymore.
These are how you are seen by your boss if you don’t admit your mistakes;

i. They have seen you as arrogant and unwilling to learn.
ii. You have the potential to repeat your mistakes
iii. You are not capable of changing
iv. You are not reliable

If these happens, your boss and your other colleagues are going to dislike you.

Don’t gossip.

It is bad to gossip about your colleagues to your boss or vice versa. It creates misunderstanding and promotes division in your workplace.

Do not late to work.

Have you ever think of the losses you bring to your work if you always go to work late? Lateness causes low productivity at work and every boss will not tolerate such a negative attitude to collapse his or her work. It shows how unserious you are in life.

Never give excuses always.

Giving excuses tells how you are not willing to accept that you are at fault. Whenever you give excuses, you find a reason for not being able to do something and always defending yourself.

Be busy with your work always.

Bosses love to see their workers hardworking and are very effective. They will love you when they see that you are always working. Payless attention to things that are of low priority and focus much on those high ones.

Find solutions to problems.

Bosses like people who are able to identify problems and suggest the best solutions to them. If this happens, you will realize that your boss will always come to you for solutions to problems. It will make him like and love you.

Have a good smell.

This may look funny but much never pay attention to this. People dislike being with people who smell bad. Same as your boss, if you percolate offensive body odor. It can even drive customers away from you and colleagues will not get closer as well.

Once your boss is happy with you and your work, it can bring about promotion and a possible increment of your salary.
It is always necessary to make your boss happy and love you.

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