Three Things That Constitute Positive Attitudes.

There are essentially three things that constitute attitudes, it can be either negative or positive. These things are actions, beliefs, and values. These practical things are mostly influenced by continuous training/practices.

To have a positive attitude, then you first need to first have a positive action, positive beliefs, and positive values.

Now, lets look at the various practices one after the other;

Positive Belief:

Positive beliefs are categorized into two ways. We can first talk about the belief we have about ourselves and how we perceive or observe our environment, which deals with what we do (work), how we see others, how we interact with others and the environment at large, and the society we leave in.

If one has a positive attitude, he or she first believes in the things he or she can do (his or her capabilities) and they are always self-confident. They possess a lot of energy, have high esteem that prepares them to achieve whatever they want to achieve in life. They are good at building relationships. They are people who never envy brother man. They know who they are, their capabilities and have the “Can do” spirit. They are not easily de-motivate.

The other aspect of positive belief is how others believe in the society we live in. Positive people learn much from others (i.e the positive sides of others). They are only interested in the good things to learn not bad or negative things.

They standout in anything they do and have about 90 percent rate being successful.

Positive Values;

Most of the time, values are inculcated in us from the society we live in. It is obvious that, if you come from a society with poor values, you will grow without knowing any good values. To possess a positive attitude, you first have to be a positive oriented person. Positive people are positive because they always have positive values. Good values as said earlier, are transmitted from one generation to the other. So to be able to have positive values, you need to always learn the positive values in the society rather than the negative ones. People who lack values lack attitude. However, if you think life is full of challenges, you are bound to face more challenges than you will imagine.

Positive Actions;

The last of the three constituents of positive attitude is positive actions. It is your actions that will determine if truly you perform a positive value and/or positive beliefs. The actions are what people see to judge whatever you are doing.
It is through your actions we can say that this person has a positive attitude.

Note that, you cannot do away with any of these constituents. It is the addition of positive beliefs, positive values that will bring out the positive actions. Again, it is through positive action that we can solely determine a positive attitude of someone.

Lesson learned:

it is always good to have a positive attitude. It makes you self-confident and develops your capabilities.

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