Penalty Supercharged On Re-sit Is A Scarecrow-Students Kick Against

It looks very sad when your effort and money pumped into your education seem to waver. It is very disturbing when after burning the midnight candle purported for securing a good grade in your end-of-semester exams never yield any results. Sometimes you are likely to give up on your faith.

Failure in an examination is never every student’s wish and never is it going to be when the student knows very well that he is expected to tender in a whooping amount to register re-sit. Failure in the examination could be uttered by many obstacles that the student may encounter. The few obstacles that make education more challenging to be spelled out are…”lack of financial support, inadequate infrastructural facilities, health issues”
The focal point inadequate funds which spell out the students’ inability to perform well in examination.

A comprehensive survey known as ” the voice of the student ” was comprehensively conducted to find out more about the woes in writing re-sit. The first that many lamented on was the Gh100 each student pays for a particular subject which he did not pass when already the student is heavily pressed by financial hardship. In this case, are we trying to make the situation of the student worse than the issue ought to be?

Nonetheless, we could also comb for the actual fee charged on re-sit in the various tertiary institutions across Ghana. After cumulatively getting the actual figures, it happened that The University Of Cape Coast charges at a mammoth rate than the other tertiary schools. I am very elated that this issue upon reaching the table of the education ministers and the gurus at the helm of education affairs, shall be well digested to change the situation. The poor tertiary student walked out of campus and never returned all because he could not pay for the re-sit fee. I know I have fallen prey to this heinous practice. It was very miserable to hear that some schools only pay 50gh for re-sit. Making money for your pocket out of this I suppose is never the wish of UCC therefore you need to make amends because this is really killing the daring spirit in us.

We, therefore, entreat UCC to bring reduce the amount because re-sit is not meant for business so why charging this huge amount. This is really not a reasonable approach and also puts a burden on students as they have to strive hard looking for money to settle every debt before he is allowed to write his exams. It is absolutely a No-no and we can’t accept this.

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The voice to voice the voice of the voiceless voice

Story by: Kwame Agyen Acheampong,

St Joseph’s College of Education

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