The Real Christians Are Those Who Don’t Go To Church But Follow The Principles Of Christ.

One controversial pastor by the name of Michael has categorically stated that most people we see them going to church each and every day shouldn’t be called Christians. Real Christians are those who follow the principles and teachings of Jesus Christ.
He says he is not only making these statements because of a shallow researched he has done.

He said, “What makes you think you are a Christian? Is just because you are going to church?”

He again, made it clear to the congregants that, Christians are people who shouldn’t be engaged in certain unsolicited activities such as prostitution, adultery, stealing, fighting, and the rest.

“Sometimes I laugh when people say Ghana is a Christian and Islam country and still people are killing others for rituals, contract killing, prostitution, and the rest.”

He declared plainly the Covid-19 has really exposed some churches and the so-called Christians. Those we see who don’t go to church donated and did more to the vulnerable than the so-called Christians.

“I see them being blessed more than you (church goers)” he added.

He later advised his colleagues in the church to put up good behavior as many are not attending church because of the uncivilized attitudes of some Christians.

However, many has reacted to his statement on the various social media platforms.

Many think what the pastor said is the real truth of the gospel and hence, it will be better for all churches in the world are collapsed and start the real Christianity religion on this earth. On other hand, others think what the pastor said is a mere saying and therefore he only needs hype on social media. Some described him as an ” attention seeker”.

These are some of the comments;

God bless you pastor. The real truth you are speaking.

Attention seeker pastor

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