Your Level Of Performance Determines The Figures On Your Pay Cheque

Every level of performance commands a corresponding level of reward. The market pays a superior reward for superior performance and an average reward for average performance.

Those who deliver excellence in the market place do charge higher fees, wages, and prices for their services and products, and yet their products and services are in higher demand in the market place.

Look around you and see. The very best schools also charge the highest fees and yet are capable of attracting more pupils or students than many of the schools which charge lower fees but do not deliver value. The very best clinics charge the highest fees and yet attract a lot more patients on daily basis compared to those who deliver poor quality but charge lower fees. The very best lawyers and law firms charge the highest service fees and yet attract a lot more clients than the average ones. The top hotels and restaurants charge far more than the average ones and yet are always in high demand.

Whether you are an individual employee or a business entity, people would always be willing to pay you more if they get to know you can deliver more value. Before you blame your employer for not giving you a pay rise, you have to first analyze the kind of value you are delivering. Remember people will always refuse to pay a superior reward for average performance. They will only pay a superior reward for superior performance.

Your performance level is your bargaining power in the market place. Those who deliver excellence are never afraid to charge higher fees or wages for their services. Those for whom they work are also never afraid to pay higher fees nor wages because the benefits they get from such people by far outweigh the cost. If you can work in such a way that your company derives so much benefit from you, your company will also not be afraid to pay you more.

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