CoE: 1.Ghanaian Language As A Medium Of Instruction Model Objectives

  1. Every country has an official language and national language


2. A language policy can have overt or covert status


3. Language policy decision has nothing to do with policymakers’ s linguistic orientation.


4. All these are psychological orientations that can influence the selection of policy on language of instruction Except

a. Culturally Responsive

b. Culturally Discontinuity

C. Structural Inequality

d. Culturally Submissive

5. Children’s linguistic Right is supported by UNESCO


6. Quality Education is solely dependent on the Familiarity of the language of instruction


7. Childrens’ Right include practices and services that enhance and promote their developmental and age-appropriate needs that change over time as they grow


8. Only Foreign Language could serve as an appropriate language of education.


9. In multi-lingual societies, language policy in education is important


10. Bilingual education is suitable for only former colonized countries True/False

11. Additive Bilingualism is common in Africa.


12. Language of instruction can be used instead of medium of instruction True/False

13. All natives in multilingual societies support the MTB-BMOI in their education system


14. Education that is provided in any language is suitable for every learner True/False

15. Young learners learn better when taught in the language they are conversant


16. Linguistic interdependence disproves the efficacy of the use of MTB-BMOI in multilingual societies


17. A Child who has mastered his social skills, is proficient in the language at an academic level


18.The BICS is less relevant in L2 learning


19. Both BICS and CALP should be geared towards facilitating learning True/False.

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