If Students Wants Their Feeding Component To Be Refunded, We Will Write To SLTF To Reduce Their Gh¢200 Allowance- PRINCOF

TTAG updates its members, on the meetings it has had with Princof over the refund of the feeding components of teacher trainees.

The leadership of TTAG having assumed office had some pertinent issues affecting trainees. Notable amongst them was the feeding component refund issue. Having realized this, the leadership took it upon itself to engage the Director General of Ghana Tertiary Education Commission,GTEC Prof Salifu during the formal introduction on the issue. He stated the leadership of TTAG should first engage Princorf then if there’s any feedback let’s get back to GTEC. He however shared in the sentiments we raised stating that this time around the money should be refunded since it’s understandable.

Meeting with Princof
30th of March,2021, A team of the five Sector Presidents, the National Coordinator, National Secretary and National President engaged the leadership of Princorf with other principals being present.

After thorough deliberations, this was the outcome:

  1. Princof is of the view that the money paid for feeding is not for students but rather colleges for feeding. The rightful money to students is from Student loan trust fund.
  2. The allowance restoration was fought for by the Principals
  3. If students want a refund of the feeding component, they (Princof) will also write to student loan trust fund to reduce the 200cedis with reason that we don’t also spend the whole time doing academic work.
  4. Princof is also saying that they’re not accountable to students for the feeding component but rather GTEC. Stating a scenario that if your father gives you money to feed your younger siblings, and you fail to do so who will you account to?
  5. Princof stated that if GTEC that is in charge of the feeding component disbursement directs them to disburse the monies to students, they would do so.

Ttag leadership asked that Princof provided them with a document of their stance which was declined. Princorf however suggested both parties sign a document stating that what belongs to principals goes to principals and students goes to students.

Also, Princorf stated that if students want the refund, then TTAG should sign a document with Princorf stating that Princorf will write to student loan to reduce the money due them this the 200cedis since they don’t also spend on the time on campus and TTAG also writes to GTEC for the feeding component.

The TTAG leadership declined this agreement.

Keep on watching. Our next line of action will be communicated soon. Please let’s be patient for we will make sure with open all doors on this issue.

Dimbie Abdul Manan
TTAG National President.
This from the national president.


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  1. Seriously, y is princof saying that, we do the rest of the academy in the house n do they know the amount of credit n data we spend on visual learning 😔😔😔😔

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