CoE: 4. Global Studies In Africa- Essay Type Questions

These questions touches on the various units in the Global Studies course.

These questions are for learning purposes only and not guaranteed to meet same questions in the coming exams. We only hope, it will help trainees prepare adequately for their exams.

  1. The European rule has had significant influence on Africa states today. Outline five (5) elements that characterized them and show traits in today’s Africa politics.


  1. Identify five (5) the significant influence the Europeans had on Africa states.

2. What are the significant effects of the imposition of boundaries in Africa by the Europeans. [Give 5 points]

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3. a. What is Culture?

b. Give five elements/characteristics of Culture.

c. Culture is Integrated. Explain.

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  1. Write five (5) important values of the Ghanaian and Kenya’s culture
  2. Explain Cultural Change.

b. Identify five (5) causes of Cultural Change.

c. Culture is Xenocentrism. Explain

  1. Enumerate six striking differences between Kenyan and Ghanaian education system.
  2. What is Transportation?

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b. Write short notes on the following with their advantages.

I. Rail transport

II. Road transport

III. Air transport

  1. What is Governance?

b. Examine five (5) indicators of a Good Governance.

c. Outline five (5) challenges of Governance in Africa.


• Corruption

• Democratic Erosion

• Leadership challenges

• State capture of relevant institution

• Insecurities


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