2. Introduction To Research- Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Research in education can be defined as

A. collecting data on educational phenomena.
B. determining educational phenomena.
C. stating educational phenomena.
D. understanding and explaining educational phenomena.

  1. The following statements are characteristics of research EXCEPT research

A. begins with an issue.
B. demands a plan.
C. is vertical
D. requires clear statement of the problem.

  1. Which of the following ways of knowing is less likely to provide you with the most valid
    A. Authority.
    B. Personal experience.
    C. Scientific method.
    D. Tradition
  2. Which of the following types of research can be done by a researcher to solve his/her
    classroom problems?
    A. Action.
    B. Applied.
    C. Basic.
    D. Evaluation
  3. An example of research variable that is measured on the nominal scale is
    A. Gender.
    B. Height
    C. number of tables.
    D. subjects studied.

Use the problem statement below to answer questions 6-8.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of excessive alcohol drinking and
absenteeism on students’ academic performance.

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  1. Which of the following can serve as independent variable(s)?
    A. Absenteeism and academic performance.
    B. Absenteeism and excessive alcohol drinking.
    C. Absenteeism.
    D. Excessive alcohol drinking
  2. Which of the following can serve as dependent variable(s)?
    A. Absenteeism and academic performance.
    B. Absenteeism and excessive alcohol drinking.
    C. Academic performance.
    D. Excessive alcohol drinking.
  3. Absenteeism is an example of ..
    A. categorical
    B. continuous
    C. discrete
    D. numerical
  4. Which of the following does NOT support the need for research proposal?

A. Evaluation of the proposed plan for the study
B. Prediction of the results of the study
C. Prevention of avoidable mistakes during the study
D. Provision for the cost of the study

  1. Which one of the following sources of knowing will help Angie, a three-year-old girl, that
    touching a sharp blade edge can cut your hand?
    A. Authority
    B. Media.
    C. Personal experience.
    D. Tradition
  2. The introduction part of a research study should clearly indicate the following EXCEPT………

A. design of the study.
B. problem to be researched.
C. research hypotheses.
D. research questions

  1. Research problem should indicate all the following EXCEPT the.
    A. dependent variable of interest.
    B. expected outcomes.
    c. independent variable of interest.
    D. target group.
  2. What is the way of knowing that will let a child of two years old run or cry when she sees a pot on fire?
    A. Experience.
    B. Opinion
    C. Theory.
    D. Tradition
  3. Research problems that are obtained as a result of reading articles especially those that report the results of the studies in their area of interest is/are from what source?
    A. Authority.
    B. Experience.
    C. Literature.
    D. Textbooks.
  4. One of the purposes of reviewing related literature is to
    A. avoid intentional replication.
    B. become unfamiliar with theories of the field.
    C. identify useful methodologies.
    D. limit the research problem.
  5. Which of the following is a primary source of literature?
    A. Articles in journals.
    B. Reviews of books in journals.
    C. Scholarly books.
    D. Textbooks.

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Items 17 to 20 are statements followed by True and False options. Read each item carefully and indicate whether it is True or False by circling the letter of the correct option.

  1. Repeating a previously conducted research using new methods does NOT add to knowledge.
    A. False
    B. True
  2. One weakness of
    authority as a source of knowledge is that it is subjective.
    A. False
    B. True
  3. Applied research problems are narrowed or constrained to the demands of sponsors.
    A. False
    B. True
  4. Research hypotheses
    are testable when one can actually carry out the intent of the question
    reflected by it.
    A. False
    B. True

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