Principles And Methods Of Teaching Social Studies- Essay Type Questions

  1. In an effort to teach “The Roles of Traditional Authorities in Community
    Development”, Miss Baah decided to send her pupils to the palace, instead of bringing
    the chief linguist to the school.
    Discuss five factors that might have accounted for the teacher’s decision.
  2. Selection of appropriate content is key to instructional planning. Explain five criteria for selecting content for a J.H.S. I class.
  3. (a) Identify four ways in which the debate technique is different from the
    discussion technique.

    (b) Discuss four desirable attitudes that can be developed through the
    discussion technique.

4. Prepare a lesson plan on the topic “Citizenship and Human Rights” meant for JHS One class to achieve the following three instructional objectives. By the end of lesson, the pupil will be able to:

i. Explain citizenship

ii. State at least three ways of acquiring Ghanaian Citizenship Status.

iii. Explain at least three characteristics that are considered necessary for nation building.

5. a) What is fieldwork as a technique of teaching Social Studies?

b) Explain in detail, five major problems that beset the effective organization of fieldwork for Social Studies students.

6. a) What is concentric approach to designing the Social Studies curriculum?

b) Discuss any five benefits associated with using the concentric approach to designing the social studies curriculum.


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