#StoptheSemesterCut: Teacher Trainees Launches New Campaign Message

All trainee teachers across the 46 Colleges of Education have launched a campaign message for their semester cut with the hashtag StoptheSemesterCut.

We are all aware of the damage that the COVID-19 has brought to our education system.

For this reason, there have been situations where academic calendar for trainees are adjusted.

Last year, despite the e-learning, level 300 trainees spent only one month to complete their semester.

Trainees, therefore, thought things were going to change, but still used less than two months to complete their first semester this year.

This is going to continue for the next semester where level 100 and 300 trainees report on 8th May,2020 and on 24th June 2021 level 300 trainees will go home and then level 200s return to campus to complete their semester.

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This hasn’t been the case of other institutions, even not the regular universities in the country.

Meanwhile, trainees are to take their regular courses.

On a campaign message, we (Legacynewsgh) have seen, it reads;

College of Education curriculum cannot be run as Distance or Sandwich program.

At the main university campus, there has been no cut down off the semester?

How can you force sixteen week’s course to be run for 9 weeks, including 2 weeks for quizzes, meaning actual course work is 7 weeks!

Meanwhile, government pays for feeding fee for 16 weeks, where is the balance?



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