PDF: Educational Statistics Complete Note

This course presents the breadth and diversity of empirical and practical work done on statistics education around the world.

A wide range of methods is used to respond to the research questions that form its base. Case studies of single students or teachers aimed at understanding reasoning processes, medium-scale experimental studies attempting to generalize trends in the teaching and learning of statistics are both employed. Various epistemological stances are described and utilized.

This course further addresses the professional development of teachers of statistics and highlights differences between statistics and mathematics that have important implications for teaching and learning.

It illustrates the statistical problem-solving process across levels of development, makes pedagogical recommendations of particular relevance to statistics, including the use of technology and the role of assessment.

The focus of this course is the application of basic statistical concepts to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. This course is a general introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics. Emphasis is on the representation of data, measures of location, variability, and relative position. Correlation and simple linear regression will be treated in addition to the normal distribution and basic hypothesis testing (NTECF, NTS 3m, 3n, 3p). [Source: Course description from UCC)


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