Ghana Scholarships Secretariat Releases Second Batch Of Paid Beneficiaries.

Ghana Scholarships Secretariat District level scholarship scheme 2020/2021 academic year second batch of paid beneficiaries.

The Ghana Scholarships Secretariat has released the second batch of successful applicants who applied for the scholarship last year.

Already, the management of the secretariat has released the first batch list and has also recently released the second batch list. The scholarship covers only tuition fees for a year, thus, the 2020/2021 academic year, and can be renewed. Did you apply? If yes, you can check your name in the second batch list if your name wasn’t in the first batch list. Download the pdf below to check your name. Congratulations if your name appeared on the list. If you applied batch and got the scholarship, but your name isn’t on the list, don’t worry, there may be another batch of lists.


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6 thoughts on “Ghana Scholarships Secretariat Releases Second Batch Of Paid Beneficiaries.

  1. I was selected as part of beneficiarys but my name and school are not part of the first and second batch list.

    1. Hmm this case, my name was part of the first batch but they paid everyone else in my school but did not pay me. when i went to their office, they told me it’s a mistake and that my name will be added to the next payment. only to find out from my school’s account office today that they have paid the second time again and my name is still not among. call them 100 times and they wont pick This Ghana we dey err hmm

  2. I hope my name will also reflect in the 3rd batch from Savannah region (West Gonja).lost Dad recently and thinking of giving up on education because of school fees.hmmm

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