[Check Date] 1st Semester Exams Results To Be Released Soon


The Professional Board at its First Regular Meeting held on Tuesday, 18th May, 2021 discussed the non-payment of College fees by the students in the Colleges of Education, after they have paid their examination fees directly to the Institute of Education. It was agreed that the Institute of Education should withhold the results of students who are owing the Colleges, and that the Colleges should submit the list(s) of students who have defaulted to enable the Institute to block their results.

The Institute of Education will release the results of the end-of-first semester examination to the colleges for publication on Friday, 28th May, 2021.

We kindly wish to request that you submit your list(s) of debtors to the Institute of Education before Wednesday, 26 May, 2021.

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2 thoughts on “[Check Date] 1st Semester Exams Results To Be Released Soon

  1. Thank you for the update but what I wanted to talk about it that we really plead that the results are to be released for us as for the fees we will pay. Am saying this because almost half of the students uses part or even all the allowances paid in schools to settle their fees so if it keeps long then the payment of fees too will keep long. So my humble request is that you should have pity on us and release the results to us and God willing when the allowances comes we will do as it is expected of us because without that some may not know if they had a referral or not and that too will also be a problem. We really beg of you. Thank you.

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