Accra College of Education Management Cancels SRC Week ’21 Celebration

Students of Accra College of Education
are set to go on another year without celebrating their coveted annual SRC
Week, extending the apparent celebration drought to two academic years.

The SRC Week Celebration which is
usually a week long, activity-packed celebration is organized by the Students’ Representative Council. It has been what every student in the ‘Gye Nyame’ family looks forward to, after going through the herculean academic tasks in the year. The Celebration, aside showcasing the City College to stakeholders as a way of attracting their support, also offers students rare opportunities in entertainment, sports, talent exhibition and fund-raising to support their curricular and co-curricular activities.
Having to go through an entire academic year without a week celebration had not been a situation that the student of the ‘Gye Nyame’ family is used to. This situation however,
looks set to be endured for a further year after the previous year’s own was understandably called off due to the rapid outbreak of the “Now-Staying-With-Us,” Covid-19.

Addressing a students’ forum on Tuesday afternoon, Mr. Sackey Sam, the Dean of Students’ Affairs and Patron of the SRC said the apparent suspension of the coveted celebration has come about as part of management’s decision to honor the Covid-19 safety mechanisms as reminded by Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC).

He further stated that the said celebration has the potential to invite external stakeholders into the school which can increase students and staff’s exposure to the Covid virus.

Students, however consider the decision by the College’s management to indefinitely suspend the most prestigious annual festival at the students’ level too harsh. Given that, their colleagues in several other sister colleges under same prevailing condition of Covid-19 global pandemic have been allowed to celebrate same function in adherence to the Covid 19 safety protocol, they believe same can be done in their college. ‘We are been denied some of the co-aurricular experiences of the curriculum. We’ve been together for months, sleeping in the same rooms, sitting together to eat and at lectures, all in the face of covid. We plead Management to reconsider their decision,” students plead.

Some students are of the belief that their leaders led by Master Bright Bosomtwe should
keep petitioning the College authorities to allow them to celebrate this year’s SRC Week
under the Covid 19 safety protocols. “Mr. President, our colleagues in SEDACOE, PCE,
FOSCO, OLACOE, UG, etc. are all organizing their SRC weeks and Akwaaba for freshers.

We can equally be guided to have ours under strict adherence to the Covid safety protocols.” a student petitions the SRC president.

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