TESCON President For ABETICOE- Amedza Sylvester Shared His Plans For His Second Term Of Office.

The Abetifi College of Education TESCON president (Amedza Sylvester) shared his plans for his second term of office with legacy news.

Amedza Sylvester has already served as the TESCON President on ABETICOE campus for one year. He has been reaffirmed to serve as the president for another year. A program was held at the college auditorium to reaffirmed the old executives who has already served for one year and also to welcome the new TESCON members, (specifically the level 100s) to TESCON. Just after the program, Legacy News had an interview session with the TESCON President, Amedza Sylvester.

In the interview, he shared his plans for his second term of office. He confidently said that, what he has planned for his second term would be greater than his achievement in his first term.

During the interview, Amedza Sylvester made mention of his intention to engage the NPP-Abetifi Constituency, the DCE as well as the Hon. MP, Bryne Acheampong and other NPP affiliated stakeholders to establish a scholarship fund to support TESCON members who are brilliant but needy. He added that the NPP has keen interest in Education and so he is certain, that his plan on the scholarship fund shall come into reality.

He further went on and informed Legacy News that, he has written a proposal through the Abetifi constituency NPP youths organizer to the MP, Bryne Acheampong to help connects the power plant that he donated to the school to support the lighting system of the school especially in times of power fluctuations.

Not only this, Amedza Sylvester in the interview added that, he has also planned to again engage the MP and the DCE to get the school a pavilion where visitors and students can sit and share time.

In addition to the aforementioned, Amedza Sylvester shared with Legacy News that, he has planned to engage the MP to get Abetifi College of Education a large car park. Watch the video👇

Watch the continuation 👇

In the view of the TESCON President, he said all these are possible to come true, and he is certain that he will achieve his plans before he leaves office. Moreover, the college management has a good relationship with the Abetifi constituency and the constituency executives thus the DCE and the MP. Therefore, the management will accept and welcome any contributions from the Abetifi constituency toward the development of the college.

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