The Bui Power Authority was established by the constitutional instrument of Ghana’s parliament in 2007 Act 740, to provide them the mandate to Dam the black volter river between the then Brong Ahafo and the Northern regions of Ghana.
In other for Bui Power Authority to successfully carry out it’s mandate, about five (5) Communities identified to fall within the reservoir area including the Game and Wildlife of the Bui National Park where relocated and resettled accordingly.

As the saying goes: ‘wearing new shoes always requires to learn new walk’. The Bui hydro electric project has influenced the livelihood of the most affected persons which required the Authority to develop some livelihood enhancement programs LEP.
Among the various laudable interventions under the able leadership of the 1st and 2nd CEO Mr. Fred Oware include development of fish rearing module.

Picture of harvested fishes

According to one Amedza Sylvester, a native of one of the Bui resettlement communities, the ponds were stocked with about 1,000 fingerlings in the early January. Just yesterday dated 29th June, 2021 and even today, the beneficiaries of these fishponds creation project made their first harvest of the fishes. In the view of Amedza Sylvester, all that was seen on the faces of the people were joy and smiles.
Fish mongers were having more than enough fishes to roast as seen in their traditional oven.

Information gathered from Amedza Sylvester suggests that, the deal of the project is that, the Bui Power Authority will replenish the harvested fishes for the second time.

The C.E.O Mr Fred Oware and the Director, Mr Wumbilla Salifu as well as the manager incharge for the LEP, Mr Eric Opoku Acheampong expect this achievement to be succesfully sustained and improve the economic life of the people.

The PAPs are much grateful to the Bui Power Authority for their immense support and benevolent interventions in their lives.

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