Extension of Days? TTAG Speaks on a possible extension for CoE level 200 and 300s trainees.

It’s now clear that, the level 300s of the various Colleges Education will be reporting to their various campuses on this Saturday, 7th August, 2021 to begin their end of semester examination two days later.

A lot of trainees have raised concerns about the situation looking for a possible extension to help them prepare adequately for their incoming exams.

At least, there has been some good news from the Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) hoping for a possible extension of at least one week for trainees.

This was made known after the secretariat of TTAG released a communique for all trainees.

It reads;


The leadership has been notified of the schedules of Institute of Education (UCC) per the academic calendar which clearly outlines that, trainees are to report on 7th August and sit
for the end of semester exams on August 9,2021. Series of complaints have been tagged
to the online system for not been effective and difficult to use in teaching some courses,
The leadership admonishes all trainees to remain committed to their books and join all
online classes as authorities are consulted to help provide room for at least a week for revision
Thank you.


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2 thoughts on “Extension of Days? TTAG Speaks on a possible extension for CoE level 200 and 300s trainees.

  1. It’s not necessary, we don’t need any extension just concentrate on our allowances, students teacher’s are suffering.

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