Collective agreement between GES and Teacher Unions in Education Service

The Teacher Unions in Education Service
(on behalf of all teaching employees in the Ghana Education Service) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) have signed a collective agreement between the employer (GES) and the employees (GES Staff).

According to the agreement, a join
negotiating committee made up of the Teacher Unions in the Ghana Education Service (GES) on the one hand and the Ghana Education Service (GES) on the other hand shall negotiate and agree on the terms and conditions of service, the scheme of service and the code ofprofessional conduct for the teaching personnel of the Ghana education in
accordance with Section 99 and 102 of the labour Act, 2003 (Act 651).


The purpose of this agreement is to set
forth the conditions of service relating to
salaries, wages, hours of work and other conditions and rules of employment.
Both parties do recognize and agree to promote the growth and development of co-operation, trust, respect and fairness and endeavour to uphold these virtues in their policies and standards of management.

The parties believe that these attitudes can be encouraged best when it is made clear that employer and union who were involved in the negotiation of this agreement were not anti-union or anti-management, but were sincerely
concerned with the best interest and well-being of the Ghana Education Service and all teaching employees as well as promoting the growth of a stable union.


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