It was never our fault to be taught wrongly…by SRJ.

The whites are busily making life Better for humanity using the optimum Brain whiles the majority of the Black race (especially in Africa )are making life worse by ignoring the power of the optimum device God blessed Humanity with.

We put pressure on God every day for things we need to be responsible for.✌🏽This is a mind-boggling reality✌🏽We are indeed a laughing stock in front of the Almighty ❤️ We are indeed an ungrateful race to Gods creation. No wonder we are the Largest race with Bigotry and poverty.

Remember, being poor, to me has no connection or influence in getting you a passport to heaven or hell.

A young religious man in Africa prays to God for everything forgetting God created the world in a way to cater for humanity and itself. The Brain God blessed humanity with, does the conjures considering the evidence of reality. That is exactly why you find solutions to your problems when you interrogate your Brain. This piece is aimed to make humans(Especially the Black race ) conscious, enlighten, and rational in their actions to be conspicuous(aware), able to demystify the irrationalities, and understand how good and pleasant God made this beautiful world and not to draw human attention from God.

God made the Brain powerful and adaptable to solve the problems of humanity.
The Brain indeed is the source of decoration of the world. The manifestation of the work of the Brain has indeed made life easier and comfortable. The Power and the Constructiveness abilities of (God ) are immeasurable. We find answers and solutions to questions and problems when we ask the Brain. It’s so wonderful. It’s an absolute belter device.

It’s the most powerful computer on earth. I refer to it as the mother of Computers and technology. The Robot which seems to be perfect in execution gives compliments to the brain Of the inventor.

Ignorance in any length or breadth to how powerful we can be with our Brain is a pernicious act, and I wouldn’t wish to fathom how miserable our life will be in the long run if we don’t change our actions and approach.
We need to engage in myriads of exploration adventures for we know not the limitations of the Brain.

The Peril of poverty still enjoys its ties with the African continent most because the majority are cynical and celebrate bigotry disease due to doctrines and stereotypes.

❤️Majority of people possess a conflicting ideology as to how to achieve a good and able life.
😘 A responsibility for which every human accept and work on.
This is a privilege God blessed humanity with, which simply concludes how unethical its to constantly pressure God for a Good Life after the several provisions for humanity.
We can only live better as a country and a continent when the individuals are empowered and enlightened to know how worthy and pivotal its to use the optimum Brain in helping society to achieve a standard to support both the resent and the future generation.
For crying out loud, God made available a lot of things on earth for us to utilize to become happy and useful.

The society to learn language from, books for knowledge, meditation for a stable body and mind, History for us to delineate knowledge (Like reading the Richest man in Babylon ), Psychology to make us stable and sound, Medicine to make us better when ill, Altruism to make us be fulfilled spiritually, Praises to give us confidence, Advice to make us diplomatic in actions, a lot of materials for our success and convenience.

These are all systems God has put in place psychologically and are undoubtedly the magic of the world.
In this 21st century, a man is capable of acquiring knowledge in a short period juxtaposed to a nobleman who used his entire life to find knowledge in primitive times
Technology is indeed a blessing craft of the Brain.
This is what the white race has assimilated because such is life and is indeed the only way we can be better humans with peace and Stability on earth.

The consequences of bigotry and cynicality are( sorry to say) a tango between a preposterous life and an immature trait.
I explicitly don’t remember what sort of quota they(Bigotry and Cynical ) have added to the development of this world, apart from pessimism and poverty.

✌🏽__Have a Change of approach and let us explore the mystery world together🌎 The adventure of exploring the world’s mysteries is so pleasant and fulfilling to Both God and humanity.

🖐🖐I love you. You are Liberated, find a purpose and start pursuing.
Go to your Brain system settings, and establish a new rational and conventional subconscious that serves as the first recipe for success.

Never forget to make the world a better place after you have gain root in enlightenment and understanding of how to become successful.
May we all be great .💪💪Alhamdullilah🙏

Arise…Arise…Arise..Arise Resilient Youth💪💪

Send your Comments and Let’s reflect together.

Happy fathers Day to all our Legends.

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