School Management and Administration- Multiple choice questions

1) Which of the following statements can be used to distinguish “management from administration”?
a. one is considered to be operating at a higher level than the other
b. one deals with coordinating but the other does not is a process, but the other does not
d. one deals with human resources but the other deals with human and material resources.

2) Which of the following task of the school administrator falls under appraisal?
a. The provision of opportunities for professional growth of staff
b. The establishment of staff attendance sheet
c. The provision of orientation and adjustment support for both teachers
and learners.
d. The provision of materials and equipments

3) Which of the following terms show a kind of relationship between individuals?
a. Authority
b. Discipline
C. Authentic
d. Relational

4) Which of these has externally imposed and internally imposed characteristics?
a. Authority
b. Discipline
c. Budgeting
d. Planning

5) When a young person heads a school, other staff must still obey the person because such a person has………….. authority.
a. Legal-Relation
b. charismatic
c. Authentic
d. Relational

6) Which of the following concepts has a definition, which emphasizes ‘influence’ rather than ‘control?
a. Leadership
b. Management
c. Directing
d. Administration

7) Which of the following factors is more likely to cause indiscipline in a school?
a. If the teacher is considerate towards pupils
b. if a teacher insists on the right thing being done
c. if a teacher is not stern towards pupils
d. If a teacher can not teach well

8) In which of the following whoop records will you find the most comprehensive information about a pupil?
a. The cumulative record
b. The report card
c. The register
d. The log

9) Which of the following is not a school record book?
a. The minutes book
b. The Ledger
c. The transaction book
d. The Inventory

10) In school records, the entry of consumables is associated with the……….book.
a. Expenditure
b. Ledger
c. Inventory
d. Log.

11) Which of the following types of power is associated with the attractiveness and appeal of the leader?
a. Reward power
b. Expert power
c. Referent power
d. Charismatic power

12) Which of the following types of power is associated with the leaders position?
a. Reward power
b. Expert power
c. Referent power
d. Legitimate power

13) Which of the following is not a theory of leadership?
a. Legal Relational theory
b. Contingency theory
c. Trait theory
d. Behaviour theory

14) The ……… theory is the theory of leadership which describes how leaders carry out their tasks.
a. Legal-Relation
b. contingency
c. Trait
d. Behaviour

15) Which of the following styles of leadership does NOT promote staff initiative and creativity.
a. Autocratic
b. Laissez-faire
c. Transactional
d. Democratic

16) Which of the following issues about leadership did Adesina (1990) classify as tangible and intangible?
a. Leadership tasks
b. Leadership qualities
c. Leadership styles
d. Leadership domain

17) Under which of the following functions of management can you place delegation of authority?
a. Directing
b. Staffing
c. Organising
d. Planning

18) Which of the following sources of power is used when teachers respect their head because of his or her personality and appeal?
a. Expert power
b. Personal power
c. Referent power
d. Charismatic power

19) The three main leadership styles are …………
a. Authoritarian, Autocratic and Democratic.
b. Autocratic, Democratic and Laissez- Faire
c. Democratic, authoritarian and transaction
d. Dominative, participatory and transactional.

20) In which school records are all the main events that occur in the school in any given year recorded?
a. Log book
b. General record book
c. Events book
d. Diary

21) When a pupil is transfered from one school to another they are expected to carry along their…………..
a. Terminal report.
b. Transfer forms.
c. Cumulative record cards.
d. Pupils records.

22) Mr. Mensah the headmaster of Tregbui D/A Basic School, was instructed to prepare timetable for his school. What administrative task would you call this?
a. Budgeting
b. co-ordinating
c. Directing
d. planning

23) Which of the following tasks of the school head falls under “appraisal”? The provision of..
a. opportunities for professional growth
b. Material and equipment
c. Orientation and adjustment support both staff and students
d. Staff attendance register

24) Under which of the following management functions will you place delegation of duties?
a. Directing
b. Organising
c. Planning
d. Staffing

25) The headteacher remarked that he has delegated duty to the new teacher. In management what has the headteacher asked the teacher to do?
a. Handle a class whose teacher has travelled
b. Lead members of staff as delegates to a conference
c. Receive delegations from the local authority
d. Take certain decisions on his behalf.

26) Mr. Osei was rewarded for always recognizing the right thing to do and going ahead to do it at the right time using socially approved and acceptable methods. Which one of the following words best describes Mr. Osei’s action?
a. Alertness.
b. Discipline
c. Orderliness

d. Obedience

27) In the Tregbui Basic School, the headteacher is far younger than all the teacher on the staff yet the teachers obey him. What type of authority has the head?
a. Charismatic authority
b. Legal- relational authority
c. Professional authority
d. Traditional authority

28) Which of the following is not a characteristic of a democratic leader? Concern for…….
a. Goals of the school
b. Peculiar needs of the staff
c. Decentralized decision making
d. Shared leadership

29) What type of climate is in a school where teachers are not happy but Co-operate with the head?
a. closed climate
b. Controlled climate
c. Familiar climate
d. Paternal climate

30) During a seminal on leadership styles for basic school heads the circuit officer implored school heads not to practice a leadership style that does not promote staff initiative and creativity. What particular leadership style
was the officer have in mind.
a. Authocratic style
b. Democratic style
c. Laissez-fair style
d. Transactional style

31) Which of the following contributes to the breakdown of discipline in school?
a. Compiling names of pupils in the school
b. Filling cumulative records
c. Lack of proper communication between headteacher, staff and pupils.
d. Punctuality and regularity of both teachers and pupils.

32) When the district Director of Education visits a school, in which of the school records will he/she write the purpose of his visit?
a. Admission register
b. Log book
c. Staff attendance register
d. Visitors book

33) A workshop was organised for school heads on how to prepare school estimates, answer audit queries and control expenditure in school. Which one of the following functions of the head was taken care of by the workshop?
a. Disburse of funds
b. Financial management
c. Pupils personnel management
d. School community relations

34) At a staff meeting in Tregui Basic School, teachers complained that because Mr. Awusi, the headmaster, is older than each of them he tends to regard them as his children and for that matter runs the school on his own ideas. Which type of climate does the above statement describe?
a. Closed climate
b. Controlled climate
c. Open climate
d. Paternal Climate

35) Which of the following concepts has a definition with emphasis on ‘influence’ rather than ‘controlled’?
a. Administration
b. Directing
c. Leadership
d. Management

36) What is the term used for syllabuses and teaching/learning aids in school management?
a. Instructional resources
b. Material resources
c. Operational resources
d. Teaching and learning resources

37) Which one of the following describes planning in Administration? The process of……….
a. Budgeting and evaluation
b. Deciding way to do far in advance.
C. weighing the pros and cons of an action
d. Working out things that need to be done and measures to take to achieve it.

38) The Director of Education remarked ‘as school heads you wield both power and authority’. Which of the following distinguishes between power and authority?
a. Power implies the use of force but authority implies the use of discussion
b. Power implies an ability to do something but authority implies the right
to do it
c. Power implies influence but authority implies will
d. Power refers to a person but authority refers to an office.

39) In which of the following school records will you find the most comprehensive information about the pupil.?
a. Cumulative record
b. Log book
c. Register
d. Report Card.

40) In which record book will the member of parliament of your constituency write the purpose of his visit to your school?
a. Attendance book
b. Log book
c. Time book
d. Visitors book

41) Which of the factors below can lead to indiscipline in schools?
a. Compiling names of pupils in the school
b. Filling cumulative record
c. Lack of proper communication between the headteacher, teachers and

d. Punctuality and regularity of teachers and pupils.

42) An insurance broker wrote to the school head to meet the ‘school staff’. Who were the people the broker had in mind?
a. Teachers in the school only.
b. Teachers, accountants and clerical staff only
c. Teachers, accounting and kitchen staff only
d. All workers in the school

43) How do we regard discipline when obey rules because they feel the rules are worthwhile….
a. Externally imposed
b. Next to punishment
c. Reforming pupils
d. self-imposed

44) In which record book does the headteacher write the names of all the fresh students at the beginning of every academic year?
a. Admission register
b. Attendance book
c. Punishment book
d. Visitors book

45) A school head who threatened to suspend a student for refusing to weed his farm is applying his……………. power.
a. coercive b. Expert c. Referent d. Reward

46) What should the Headteacher do to prevent the school land from being occupied unlawfully?
a. Construct a wall after surveying the land
b. fight the people stealing the land
c. Report the case to the Director-General
d. Report to the GNAT

47) Which one of the following is not the function of the staff attendance register? It helps
a. Headteacher to know which teacher is present and which one is absent
b. To identify the classes which had no teachers for a particular day
c. To produce biographic data about the teachers
d. To show whether teachers are punctual and regular at school.

48) Which one of the following is the most suitable form of
communication used in the school?
a. Noice making b. Notice board c. Face to face d. Gesture

49) The management function which anticipates the future is…….
a. Budgeting b. Co-ordinating c. Organising d. Planning

50) Which of the following statement about leadership is not true? Leadership
a. Involves equal distribution of power
b. Involves unequal distribution of power between the leader and followers
c. Involves the use of influence
d. Focuses on achievement of goals

51) Which of the following is most likely to destroy good school-community relations.
a. Late payment of capitation grant
b. Students failing massively in the BECE
c. The school insisting on punctuality
d. Teachers giving pupils a lot of homework

52) What is the next grade you will aspire to as a Principal Superintendent
in the GES?
a. Assistant Director I
b. Assistant Director II
c. Deputy superintendent
d. Senior Superintendent

53) Which of the following associated with consumables and non-consumables in schools?
a. Expenditure b. Inventory c. Ledger d. Log

54) Which of the following leadership styles does not promote staff initiative and creativity?
a. Autocratic b. Democratic c. Laissez-faire. d.Transactional

55) The school head has a number of school records to support his/her work as an administrator. In which school record will he/she record the main events that occur in the school?
a. Daily b. Events book c. General records book. d. Log book

56) In his function as a head of the school the Headteacher delegates his authority to his teachers. Which management function is this?
a. Directing b. Organising c. Planning d. Staffing

57) The 1987 Education Reform has achieved all except one of the following
a. Absorption of all the JSS graduates into existing Senior Secondary School
b. Community involvement in school management
c. Improvement in the supply of educational inputs
d. Reduction in the duration of pre- university education.

58) Which of the following source of power is at play when teachers respect their head because of his superior competence and skills?
a. Charismatic power b. Expert power c. Personal power d. Referent power

59) In the familiar school climate every teacher satisfies his personal needs at the expense of institutional task……..
ans: (True)

60) Staff meeting do not constitute channels of communication in Basic Schools…..
ans: (False)

61) Cumulative record cards as a school record of a pupil is carried along when the pupils transfer from one school another.

ans: (True)

62) A school head meets with his or her staff to think of an appropriate strategy to reduce lateness of staff and students to school. This illustrates the concept of
a. Co-operation b. commanding
c. Management. d. Training

63) The school head inquires into the nature of the problem to be solved, its development, scope and magnitude. This step in decision making is termed.
a. Consideration of alternatives
b. Identification and Definition
c. Implementation
d. Statement of the desired state of affairs.

64) A female teacher structures her lessons in a sequence and selects appropriate instructional materials to be used. In teaching this is termed….
a. Co-operating b. Directing c. Instructing d. Planning

65) The school and the community are in relationship because
a. The learners come from the community.
b. The parents live with their children.
c. The school’s culture is derived from the community.
d. What is found in the school is also found in the community.

66) The difference between “language” and “communication” is that the former requires?
a. Body language
b. Gestures
c. The use of words
d. All of the above

67) Communication in the classroom can take place through
a. Dancing b. Reading
c. Writing d. Speech

68) In Saforo Primary School, the school head has assigned part of her duties to the teacher to help her perform her tasks. In terms of decision making, this is an example of
a. Avoidance of responsibility b. Consultation by the school head.
d. Participation by pupils
c. Delegation of authority

69) If indeed this decision of making a school farm was taken by the school head, his staff and pupils together as equals, then it could be regarded as…
a. Consulting b. Delegation c. Joint decision d. Soliciting

70) Organising teaching and learning activities in the classroom is the management function of the ..
a. Parents b. pupils c. school head d. Teacher

72) The authority which is derived from customs, norms, and homes of the people is termed.
a. charismatic b. Legal-rational c. Professional d. traditional

73) It is important that the older staff in a school obey a newly appointed young school head, because the head has…
a. authentic rational authority
b. charismatic authority
c. Legal rational authority
d. Traditional authority

74) When school authorities use reward and punishment to control behaviour in students, they are applying
a. externally imposed discipline
b. Self-imposed discipline
c. Traditional disciplinary source
d) None of the above

73) The leadership style that fosters hostility, discontent, lack of initiative, yet great but not quality output is….
a. autocratic b. democratic c. Laissez-faire d. transactional
ans: (A)

74) In this type of climate the head is dissatisfied with everything;
everybody is apathetic and children misbehave with impunity. It is called …
a. Closed climate b. Controlled climate c. familiar climate
d. Paternal climate

75) The school community relationship in which some parents complain to teachers about the misbehaviour of their children and demand that their children are punished is an example of
a. closed system b. Co-operative system c. interpretation system d.Open system

76) A relationship where the chief and people have no influence over their school could be referred to as the …
a. closed system b. co-operative system c. interpretation system d. lopen system

77) A teacher who is knowledgeable and has command over his subject matter is likely to use
a. coercive power b. expert power c. legitimate power
d. referent power

78) In terms of process of communication, any person who notices and attaches meaning to a message is the………
a. Expert b. Feedback c. Receiver d. sender

79) One barrier of effective communication is
a. Attention b. Correct evaluation c. Listening well
d. Noise

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