School Management and Administration- Trial Questions

Try your hands on these questions to help you prepare in the School management and administration examination. In careful look, questions covers all units.

NOTE THAT, these questions are to prepare you for the upcoming examination and do not correspond to actual questions coming in the end of examination.

               QUESTION 1

Enumerate five responsibilities/tasks of educational managers?


What do educational managers do?


a. They set objectives for using available resources.

b. They formulate plans for achieving the objectives

c. They initiate activities

d. They take remedial actions if the objectives are not met

e. They supply incentives to stimulate productivity.

            QUESTION 2

Outline five uniqueness/peculiarities I Educational administration.


a. The crucial nature of education or school to the society.

b. The raw materials of education is the pupils.

c. Education service deals directly and intimately with people.

d. Agencies like religious institutions, home, media influences the learning experience of students.

e. Evaluation of result is complex and difficult as compared to other enterprises.

         QUESTION 3

State five functions of administration.


a. Planning
b. Coordinating
c. Organizing
d. Staffing
e. Directing

         QUESTION 4.

Outline five importance of management.


a. Optimum utilisation of resources

b. Maximum production at minimum cost

c. Accomplishment of group goals

d. Generation of employment opportunities

e. Efficient running of organisation

      QUESTION 5

a. Explain Theory?

b. State 5 functions of a Theory.


A. Theory is a set of assumptions, beliefs, principles that explains a construct or behaviour.

B. a. Explanatory theory
b. Heuristic theory
c. Predictive theory
d. Theory serves as a coding device
e. Theory guides practice

            QUESTION 6

Write 5 qualities of a good theory.


a. Usefulness
b. Congruence with observation
c. Testable
d. Parsimony
e. Generality
f. Consistency

       QUESTION 7.

Examine 4 implications of Theory X to organization or school.


a. Rigid patterns

b. Administrators using the theory X consider workers as irresponsible, unreliable, immature

c. Insistence of centralized power

d. It concerns itself with high productivity of the organisation at the expense of workers.

              QUESTION 8

State and discuss 6 causes of indiscipline in schools.


a. Ineffective teaching
b. Bad and inadequate food
c. Bad staff behaviour
d. Poor examination results
e. Influence of home
f. Large class size.

             QUESTION 9

Examine 5 effects of indiscipline in schools.


a. Poor academic performance
b. School dropout
c. Disruption of class/lessons
d. Teachers feeling insecure in class
e. Inability to concentrate in class.

               QUESTION 10. 

State and discuss 6 ways indiscipline in the schools can be curbed.


a. Awarding well-behaved students

b. Teachers should be friendly

c. Counselling for difficult students.

d. Involving students in decision-making

e. Cooperation between teachers and parents.

             QUESTION 11.

Discuss six qualities of a good leader.


a. Visionary
b. Humility
c. Clarity
d. Listening skills
e. Good communication skills
f. Decisive
g. Decision making skills

         QUESTION 12

A. Explain decision-making

B. Discuss the difference between decision and decisiondecision-making

C. Differentiate between programmed and unprogrammed decisions. Which do you think is easier to make and why?

         QUESTION 13. 

Discuss the need for teachers to participate in decisiondecision-making in schools.

                QUESTION 14. 

Outline five determinants of organisational health/school climate.

           QUESTION 14.

What is Leadership?

State five sources of leadership power.

             QUESTION 15. 

Discuss five effective characteristics of leaders.

           QUESTION 16

What are the administrative tasks of a school head?

             QUESTION 17. 

State and explain four things that the head should do to maintain good school-community relations.

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