Guidance and Counselling- Essay type questions

1) Explain the meaning of the following;

a. Guidance
b. Counselling

2) How different is Guidance from Counselling? Give 5 points

3) Provide their similarities. Write five points

4) Highlight five needs for student Counselling.

5) Give five qualities of an effective counsellor.

6) a. Explain four conditions in Counselling.

b. How does these conditions help in Counselling.

7) In five points, summarise what the proposed New Structure and Content of Education in Ghana (1974) sought to do.

8) Mention five principles of Guidance.

9) Explain the following Guidance services;

a. Appraisal Service

b. Information Service

c. Placement Service

d. Consultation Service

10) a. Explain the Appraisal Service in your own words.

b. State five purposes of the Appraisal service

c. List five Appraisal methods to be used in primary schools.

11) a. Why is the Information Service important?

b. List five sources of Information for primary pupils.

12) Explain what Follow-up service is.

b. Discuss five major importance of Follow-up in guidance.

c. List five methods to be used in the Follow-up service.

13) a. Describe the Referral service.

b. Give five reasons why there is the need for the Referral service in the primary school.

c. List three places Referral service can be obtained.

14) a. What is Communication in Counselling?

b. State five importance of Communication in Counselling.

15) Outline five factors which impede the continuous communication in counselling.

16) Explain five communication skills used in counselling.

17) a. How do you understand the term “Peer Counselling”?

(b) Explain any five reasons why it is important to practise peer counselling in Ghanaian schools.

18. a. What are Guidance Services?

(b) Discuss any five practices by a counsellor that can affect the counselling process negatively.

19) (a) What is an Orientation Service?

(b) State and explain any five reasons for the orientation service in Ghanaian schools

20) a Distinguish between Test and Non-Test Method in Appraisal Service

(b) State and describe any five uses of the cumulative record card.

21) Discuss any six challenges that the guidance co-ordinator faces in Ghanaian basic schools

22) Discuss any six factors that contribute to an ideal counselling environment.

State and explain any six factors that enhance effective communication.

23) State and explain five challenges associated with peer counselling.

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