Yɛ gye yɛn sika- furious teacher trainees to gov’t

Teacher trainees across the 46 Colleges of Education are extremely angry about their unpaid allowance.

This has made them decide to embark on a demonstration.

Due to our checks, these trainees have started an agenda on telegram and now Twitter with the hashtag “Yɛ gye yɛn sika demonstration.”

However, trainees are yet to be paid their second semester allowance even though their semester just ended last week. Again, the government still owes them two months in their first semester.

After the first quarter of trainees allowance was paid in July, they were told to be receiving the second quarter of their money by the end of July.

The said demonstration is not to fight for their allowance alone, but their feeding components and bloated school fees which they consider as a total cheat.

Let’s go deep into the issue;

Feeding Component

Last year around March 15, the president of Ghana closed down schools which included Colleges of Education due to Covid-19. During this period, trainees stayed home and continued their studies online.

In a normal sense, half of trainees allowances is used to feed them while on campus. That is, out of the 400 cedis trainees receive as allowance, 196 cedis is used as feeding which goes straight to their colleges.

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With this, trainees are saying, that component of their allowance is to be paid to them since they were not fed by their college during their online studies at home. Isn’t this fair?

Bloated fees

There is a picture circulating on social media on the amount of fees teacher trainees are expected to pay in the 2021/2022 academic year.

Many trainees have raised concerns especially the level 400s who are expected to spend 4 months away from their campus, rent and feed themselves. They see these fees to be too much and must be reconsidered. They look forward to a total reduction of that fees.

The said fees are without examination fee which is to be paid to their affiliated colleges.

Take a look at the fee below;

Next thing to also look at;

As the level 400s are currently going on a 4 month teaching practice away from campus, there should seek to it that, their allowance during this period must be paid in full without any difficulty.


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13 thoughts on “Yɛ gye yɛn sika- furious teacher trainees to gov’t

  1. Is high time we fight for our right…..our patients are gone….. let us not be deceived by any minister nor principal.

    1. The allowance must be paid before 6th September if not we shall frustrate the system to prevent level 400 trainees from going to the field for the intentionship

  2. Is very true
    The government should should watch out for us
    How do we survive when the government have paid less attention to Teacher trainees especially level 400 students
    Pay our allowance in full and reduce the school fees since we’re spending 4months at home

  3. I support you bro. It’s time we empower our unions to fight for our rights and privileges. #payourallowances

  4. I think we should do this on our own oooo.
    The unions we entrust are even corrupt than the Government koraa.

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