You cannot puppeteer us no more, we’re not marionettes- a trainee teacher writes to Gov’t and SLTF.

Freedom and right are more instrumental in this cosmic world where man is able to exercise his rights more efficiently. In a different dimension, when right or freedom reaches maximum, infringement is on the rise . However, is therefore the need to hold fast freedom and and justice to ensure that equity becomes a treasure that the mortal race should comb for and uphold.

There is therefore the need to hold perpetrators at ransom be it any leader of any highest field of work for this may erode the agenda meant to keep the citizens at par hence presenting the masses on equal fair grounds.

Students of the various training schools are caught in the world of dilemma as they are entagled with challenges that no student can develop any potential clue to quench it. More importantly, the level 400 students of the 46 teacher training schools are left wayward for most of them are debted to their colleges, out program saga is more prevailing .The current fees to be tendered by the prospective level 400 students is that Mammoth which students have unwrapped to the government on the various social media pages yet the issue is still dangling. Education in Ghana has now been treated as a game of gambling . Our leaders have openly declared to the masses that intellectually they are bankrupt to take bold decision . Education is not a business firm to maximize profit but is an avenue of teaching and educating people to prepare them for the future.Why charging this huge amount when students are entirely sojourning outside the campus for the whole semester. This sounds very absurd and must be critically observed.

In some colleges, prospective level 400 students have been denied their postings because of non payment of school fees and it is pretty much more alarming which should not be mentioned in this community where we preached democracy. Students have battled with their school authorities with more pronounced approaches for fees to be paid yet their petition is still in hey wire. It is just left with a fleeting period for out program to commence me while students do not even know where they have been posted let alone taking a walking spree to scout for rooms to rent. This is an eyesore and must the well dressed to be cured. This alarming situation does not only affect students involved but the nation as a whole since students are to provide auxiliaries to schools which might lack teachers . Also it is a form of in-service training to groom the amateur teachers to gain confidence which helps them in their teaching also,it is totally mind boggling that presumably no constitution concerning education is firmly considered hence certain school heads infringe on students rights.

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Allowances for many moons now have been suspended whiles students also need it to clear every debt. Should this allowances delay , a whole mess beyond the government’s power shall be created since students will observe a carnival purported to demonstrate against the STLF caucus for such unacceptable and cunning means of faking news to students.Date for payment of allowances keep galloping unreasonably because the leaders are full of poor working experience.

We can no more condone or connive with this fallacy, we beseech the STLF to act and never neglect their duty to exercise their power to redeem us from this unbearable situation.We also humbly summon the government to reconsider our fees because it is far more unbearable in this critical condition where the world is in crisis. We dont consider this piece a repertoire of mismanagement criticism but a medium to air the grievances of students.I employ this as a convention for students to willingly make known their challenges.


Covid19 is real, observe all protocols

Name : Agyen Acheampong
School: St Joseph’s College Of Education Bechem


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