Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) members reject increment in cancer fund

It has become necessary for me to release this statement at this crucial moment when some few leaders in GNAT who think they can run the union like a private school want to impose the increment in the GNAT Cancer fund on teachers meager salary especially when they negotiated for unacceptable 4% increment for us.

We the teachers in the classroom will continue to oppose this increment in the cancer fund from the 2.00 to 5.00 if;

1. Leadership fail to tell us the exact cost of treating the additional sicknesses that they wanted to add that warrant the increment

2. Leadership refuse telling us the exact benefit the classroom teacher stand to gain from the profits that will accrue from treating people at the center

3. Leadership refuse telling us how much profit the facility will generate since it’s going to serve the entire West African countries.

I want to put on record that, the leadership of the union is careless about the welfare of it’s members if not they will rather channel their energy into addressing

1. The removal of responsibility allowance from the qualified professional teachers

2. Illegal GES/SIC insurance being deducted from member’s salary monthly till date

3. The stoppage of the annual salary incremental jump for teachers

4. The intentional failure of teachers by the Ministry of Education and the NTC in their promotion exams

5. The intentional delay in promotion and upgrading of Teachers.

It is very clear that the leadership of GNAT are just interested in benefiting from the meager salary of the classroom teacher who is always suffering and so I want to say that as leaders we should let our conscience lead us to do the will of those we are leading but not our will.
Thank you
Adanuty J Paul
Akpini Local GNAT Chairman

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