We won’t cancel NTC GTLE despite mass failure – MoE tells NAGRAT

The Ministry of Education says it will in spite of the mass failure recorded in the May 2021 Ghana teacher licensure examination (GTLE) not abolish the test conducted to decide whether a graduate teacher should be licensed or not.

MoE’s comment comes after the National Association of Teachers (NAGRAT) called for the cancellation of the licensure examination it had described as a ploy by the government to reduce the recruitment of teachers in the public service.

The President of NAGRAT, Angel Carbonu in an interview monitored by EducationWeb said he believes teachers must be licensed but that should not be based on an examination administered by National Teaching Council (NTC).

“We the National Association of Graduate Teachers (NAGRAT) agree that a teacher should be licensed to teach but we disagree that a teacher should write a licensure examination before he or she is licensed,” NAGRAT’s President stated.

But, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Mr Kwasi Kwarteng in a post sighted by EducationWeb.com.gh said the solution to the mass failure of teachers who sat for the examination is not necessarily abolishing the GTLE.

The solution to mass failure in an examination does not lie in abolishing that exam. The Concept of teacher licensure test relative to quality assurance in the context of job placement is required everywhere,” the MoE spokesman said.

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In line with the Ministry of Education, the Institute for Education Studies (IFEST) has said the central government abolishing the Ghana teacher licensure examination will not be in the interest of the country’s education system.

“Licensing examinations all over the world are designed to identify persons who possess the minimum knowledge, experience and skill necessary to perform tasks on a specific job safely and competently,” IFEST stated in a release.

According to Education Studies, NAGRAT instead of calling for the abolishing of the national teacher licensure examination should probe the reasons for the mass failure of graduate teachers who sat for the 2021 May GTLE.

Source: EducationWeb

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