Ashanti Region teachers to be issued NTC license cards September

The National Teaching Council (NTC) as part of an effort to promote teacher professionalization in September and November this year will issue teacher license cards to qualified or in-service teachers in Ashanti Region.

Dr Christain Addai Poku, the Registrar of the Council, in an interview monitored by said his outfit will commence the issuance of teachers license and registration numbers from September to November.

“The Management of the National Teaching Council (NTC) entreats the Ashanti Regional and District Directors to prepare the grounds for before the issuance of the license cards to qualified teachers begins” Dr Addai Poku stated.

According to the Council’s Registrar, the approved National Teaching Council (NTC) card to be issued to in-service teachers in Greater Kumasi and the other

Regions can be used to teach in the country and outside Ghana.
“You can teach outside Ghana with the NTC license card, we have an affiliation with the African Federation of Teaching Regulatory Authorities (AFTRA), so they know of our license and are willing to accept it,” the NTC official stated.

Explaining more about teaching outside Ghana with the NTC card, Dr Addai Poku said an NTC licensed teacher who wants to teach outside the country will only submit the pin on the license card to the employer for confirmation.

“So if you go to Canada and want to teach, you just give them your teacher license card and they will log in to the NTC portal with your pin number on the card and know everything about you,” he told the host of the interview.

Confirming if the teacher card can be used outside the country, the AFTRA said “the license card can be used for teaching purposes outside Ghana only if all professional requirements are met and the person is in good standing.”

“Per the regulations, the card can be used adding that a written confirmation is needed to validate if all professional requirements are met and the person is in good standing,” the NTC rep at AFTRA told EducationWeb in an email.

Source: EducationWeb

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