Important notice from UCC to level 400 teacher trainees

The Institute of Education, University of Cape Coast is hereby reminding all the Colleges of Education to prepare their students towards the implementation of the Macro Teaching (EBS 491) and the Project Work (490).

As a result of this, an orientation should be conducted for the trainees before they leave to their various schools of which they have posted to.

Find below the release from UCC to all Colleges;


You would recall that the Institute of Education held a workshop on 11 August, 2021 for the STS Co-ordinators to prepare them to coordinate one of the Level 400 first semester courses (EBS 491: Macro Teaching) of the 2021/2022 academic year. As indicated in our earlier e-mail, we wish to request that the College should have an orientation/briefing session for the students before they embark on the Macro Teaching Programme.

The Institute of Education will run a workshop on EBS 490 (Project Work) for Project Work Co-ordinators. This will prepare them to coordinate the supervision of the Project Work. More information on that (date and mode) will be communicated to you in due course.
Please find attached the documents guiding the running of EBS 491: Macro Teaching for the first semester of the 2021/2022 academic year.

In as much as trainees are expected to start their out programme on 6th September, 2021, its quite unclear to these students when they are to report to their various Colleges for this orientation or brief session. Although, some Colleges were able to do this for their students before they vacated last semester, many of the Colleges did not also do such.

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Through social media, we (Legacynewsgh) have seen a message which is indicated to have come from the SRC PRO of Accra College of Education informing the level 400s of the said college that, there has been a change of the reporting date. Therefore, instead of reporting on the 6th September, they should now report on 9th September.

Below is the information circulating on social media:


There has been a shift in the reporting date for Fourth Years going out for the Macro Teaching, from 6th September, 2021 to 9th September, 2021.

Therefore all Level 400 students are to report on campus on 9th September, 2021.
Students will be sent to their placement schools on the following day.

📢 Danso Ebenezer

Mr Dontoh
(STS Coordinator, AcCE)

As it stands now, other trainees are still not sure on when they are reporting to their Colleges and are waiting for the official communique either from the institute or the college’s administration.


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