Update on College of Education 2021/2022 admission list

It has been reported earlier that the 2021/2022 College of Education admission list was to be released today. Initially, that was the road map for the release of the admission list. The admission list consists of successful applicants who has gained admission in the college.

In order to know if these lists has actually been released, (the LEGACYNEWSGH team) tried to reach many of the colleges to make confirmation. We can therefore confirm that, the admission lists as expected to be released today won’t be possible as no college has release its lists. There have been a postponement of the release date till further notice.

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To make sure that we give accurate information out there, we actually had engagement with some colleges in Western North, Upper West and some others.

The actual date for the release of the list is still unknown but one of the College’s we had engagement with told us it may come later in September. The others told us its it’s not released yet and can’t tell when it will be released. This is because, the principals in the various colleges are now going to a meeting to decide when the admission lists should be released.

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In an unconfirmed news, we have also heard that, it is likely the admission can still be opened for those currently writing the WASSCE despite the admission was closed on 31st August, 2021.

The reopening of the admission is to give the opportunity to those currently writing their final exams (WASSCE) to apply. If this should be the case, admission list will come later and reporting date will be next year. If that doesn’t happen, admission lists will be released any time soon.

Therefore, applicants should disregard any news that the admission list has been released and as at now, no college in the country has released its admission list.

Applicants should also note that, you will receive an SMS from the college you applied when admission is out. The various colleges are also going to display the lists on their notice boards.

To get more updates on the current admission of the Colleges of Education, you can join our WhatsApp platforms, or FACEBOOK (LEGACYNEWSGH) to get more updates.


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