Course Outline: Macro-Teaching

Many pre-service teachers have indicated that the practicum experience in schools had the greatest impact on learning to teach
(Adoniou, 2013; Hastings, 2010). Of critical importance in this learning process is the rapport between the supervising teacher and the pre-service teacher. By its very nature this relationship will vary greatly according to personalities and experiences. As the coach,
mentor, guide and assessor, the supervising teacher is in a position to model excellent practice around the development of professional
relationships that advantage all parties. This course, therefore seeks to present opportunities to teacher trainees to coalesce and crystalise their experiences they have gathered over the four years through observations and micro-teaching.

Course Description

This is a field experience in which the trainees spends one semester in a basic school setting on teaching practice. The trainee teaches assigned classes and subjects under the guidance of school-based mentors. The student teachers would observe lessons to be delivered by their mentors and reflect on them; engage in peer planning and delivery of lessons and reflect on them. The school-based mentors also guide the trainees to perform their daily classroom routines such as planning and delivering full lessons, marking of attendance register and preparation of lesson notes. Teacher trainees are expected to reflect on these activities and document their reflections. The lesson plan and it’s implementation must promote the learning progress of all students irrespective of their gender, socio-economic or ethnic background. Supervisors from the Colleges of Education would visit the school regularly to monitor the trainee’s progress and offer professional and academic support.

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. be able to put their theoretical knowledge of teaching and learning practice
  2. develop the skill of lesson planning and varying lesson sequences in the real classroom.
  3. be reflective practitioners.
  4. benefit from the good support of the school, head teacher and community for teachers.

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Course Content

  1. Practicum (Supervised and non Supervised Off-Campus Teaching Practice.

Trainee teachers should be made to observe, peer plan and deliver lessons under the supervisor of the school mentors.
They should draw on pupils’/students’ backgrounds and experiencs create a safe environment in which students are supported in their learning; make flexible use of whole-class, group and pair work where students discuss a shared task; use open and closed questioning, expanding responses, encouraging pupil/student questioning; try out new ideas and promote changes in pupils’/students’ learning behaviour. Ensure gender parity in classroom interactions.

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Course Assesment

Component 1 (Formative assessment): Observation of Practicum 1
Weighting: 30%

Assesses Learning Outcomes: CLO 2, 3 & 4.
Component 2 (Formative assessment): Observation of Practicum 2.
Weighting: 30%

Assesses Learning Outcomes: CLO 1 & 3
Component 3 (Summative assessment): Observation of Practicum 3 by a panel of at 2 Tutors
Weighting: 40%

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Assesses Learning Outcomes: CLO 1-4
1. Relevant videos from YouTube on Practice Teaching
2. Field trips and observations

  1. Case studies on teacher classroom practices
    ed Text NTC (n.d.). Ghana teachers’ standard for Ghana guidelines. Accra, Ministry of Education.

Additionally, you can download the document form of the Macro Teaching course outline.


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