Abolish GTLE with immediate effect

The coalition of unsatisfied candidates of National teaching council may, 2021 licensure examination urgently calls on the immediate abolishment of the Ghana Teachers licensure examination by parliament and other educational stakeholders with immediate effect on the following grounds.

Teaching is both Art and Science, hence teachers’ competence cannot be examined only by a mere writing of exams. The six credit hours exams cannot determine the competency of Ghanaian graduate teachers who has already passed through various
stages of education and training before graduating as a teacher from approved and standardized Tertiary institutions in Ghana. Licensing graduate teachers is an honour but writing of the licensure exams should not deter competent teachers from being licensed to teach.

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If a graduate teacher is not competent enough to teach, it has to be detected in the various competent tertiary institutions before completion and before going for his/her National service as well. Unless the various tertiary institutions and lectures/tutors in the tertiary field are no longer fit enough to produce quality, qualified and competent teachers for the national teaching council to be licensed. For this reason, teacher licensure exams be abolished.
The exams in its self is not focused on area of specialization of the graduate teacher.

For instance, a graduate teacher who obtains degree in English Language is compelled to write Mathematics (Numeracy) before he/she is licensed to teach English language.


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