TTAG breaks down the amount due teacher trainees on the 60% of the feeding component of trainees allowance

Pursuant to the letter addressed to the President of PRINCOF dated October 8, 2021, referenced NC/S. I V.3 by GTEC, the leadership of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana wants to communicate the following as the breakdown of amount due trainees to all local TTAG/SRC Presidents.

The academic calendar was reduced from 16 weeks per semester to 12 weeks thus six weeks online, six weeks for face to face.

However, trainees went back to College to write exams for two weeks making 8 weeks for the face to face while the online of six weeks will be supplemented with the remaining two weeks.

In all, trainees were fed for eight (8) weeks in a semester and were not fed for eight (8) weeks. The eight (8) weeks they were not fed in one semester will be multiplied by two thus a whole academic year.

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This makes it sixteen (16) weeks which is equivalent to four months.
In addition, trainees in level two hundred and three hundred in the 2020/2021 academic were not fed for four months. Out of these four months, sixty percent (60%) of the total amount will be refunded to trainees. The feeding fee for a month is C196. This will be multiplied by four months to give C784. Sixty percent (60%) of GHC784 will be GHC470.4.

To this end, the various Local TTAG Executives are required to demand for C470.4 to be paid to all teacher trainees of their institutions. We want to appreciate the continuous support of the sector Executives, Local Executives, and Ex-officials in this and many endeavors of the Association.


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  1. Whatever happens, we still stand as a good trainees. But the government should know that, we are not in the college to depend on this allowances but to train our self and come out there as a good teachers so we don’t Care what he plans to do

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