A student of Atebubu college of Education in Bono East of Ghana.
To be successful you need to go extra mile. Be a good role model for others. Writing is my passion please read and comment..
My contact is below… When we talk about nation building teachers are the backbone of it. This short poem is to praise teachers and enlighten us on how teachers develop themselves.
Enjoy your reading..


We are teachers.
Teaching is our profession,
We believe in individual difference of our pupils.

We are working on ourselves.
To build our repertoires.
Repertoires that will help us build the nation.
We are the nation builders.
All professions are built by us.
We are the epitome of development.

We develop ourselves through in-service training.
We also develop ourselves through classroom teaching.

Hail! Linda Evans,
Our professionality and professionalism are developed.
Hail! Bell and Gilbert
Through whom we built our personal, social and professional skills.

Hail! Leithwood
Who enlightened us on our professionality, psychological and career development.
Hail! Full and Hargreaves

Hail! Huberman
Through them we acquired our development.

Hail! teachers across the the globe.
Through whom our nations are built.

By… Charisma
Contact; 0241260674
Edited by; Najir Jonas.


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