Teacher Trainees to receive half of their unpaid six months allowance, remaining balance to be paid other time- Patriotic Teacher Trainees

The issue on the payment of teacher trainee allowances has been a problem over some months. This is due to the blantant promises made to trainees to receive that of their unpaid six months allowance.

A lot of the trainees are obviously anticipating for the disbursement of the allowance but unfortunately, haven’t received any thing.

It has been almost a month they were told the payment of allowance was in the final stage and only needs the approval from the CAGD to make the processes go through for the allowance to be paid.

The Teacher Trainees Association of Ghana (TTAG) gave the government three weeks ultimatum to make payment for the allowance. It’s almost a month now and the allowance is still not paid and the association has since kept quite on the issue just making unnecessary demonstration threat.

In fact, many teacher trainees are disclosed their disapointment to the government and the leadership of their association.

It is through this same issue, the secretary of Patriotic Teacher Trainees (PTT), Nana Adjei Emmanuel, disclosing that, through engagement with stakeholders, the teacher trainees allowance is going to be paid this month but will be paid in halves. This means, trainees are going to paid half of their six months unpaid allowance and the rest will be paid next month (thus, December).

He wrote, ” ……. Upon deliberations with stakeholders concerning the delay of payment of the allowances to teacher trainees, I am glad to inform you, that, with effect from this month, half of the stipend will be paid into your various Ezwich accounts. The remaining balance will be paid hopefully on next month.”

“As it stands, the money has been paid to the SLTF awaiting disbursement…..” He added.

In a small discussion with the secretary of this political association (Patriotic Teacher Trainees), Nana Adjei Emmanuel confirmed that statement was from him. In addition, I asked when the actual payment is going to be done and he responded “We are looking at ending” and he later added, “For some reasons, we would not like to give exact dates”

The Patriotic Teacher Trainees is a political organization known to be affiliated to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). It is however in connection to TESCON (An NPP association in all tertiary institutions in Ghana.

In making further checks, the news team of legacynewsgh contacted SLTF to also give us what they know of this.

“This was the response given; Please we don’t have that information to our outfit. Thank you.”

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We further asked if the government has released the money them of which they will need time to process and make payment and they answered “No please”

We again asked if these teacher trainees going to receive their allowance this month and the answer we got was “Please allowance will be paid but we can’t give you fix date as to when it will be paid. You will be notified once disbursement is made. Thank you”

The month of November ends next week Wednesday, and if it’s true that teacher trainees are going to receive half of their allowance this month, when will it be paid?

Suggest the way forward in the comment tab below. What should teacher trainees do next if the allowance is not paid?


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