80% of Bright SHS students had “8As to 5As ” in 2021 WASSCE despite writing exams in OPASS

Analysis of the provisional results for the 2021 West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE ) indicates that 80% of Bright Seniors High School’s 800 candidates presented, had ”8As ” to ”5As” in various subjects while those who had 4As to 2As represent 15%. Candidates who had only one grade of “A” are 5%.
According to the management of the Akyem Kukurantumi in the Eastern Region based School, in terms of percentage passes the school had 100% overall pass.

In English Language subject-specific, 42% of the candidates had A1 while 37% secured B2. Candidates who had B3, and C4-C6 were 16% and 5% respectively.

98% of the candidates had A1 in core mathematics whilst 1.2% had B2. 0.5% had grade B3 while 0.3% secured grade C4- C6.

With regards to Integrated Science,99% of the candidates had grade A1, while 0.4 % had B2.
A proportion of 0.1% had grade B3 whilst the rest had C4 to C6. Social studies were also a subject almost all the candidates presented performed incredibly well with 99% securing grade A1 according to the provisional results released by WAEC. Candidates who had B3% in the subject were 0.6%.

Additionally,0.1% of the candidates had B3 while 0.3% secured grade C4 to C6. The performance of the students manifested in their elective subjects as well. The majority of the students secured grades A1 to B3 in their elective subjects.
This outstanding performance has vindicated Bright Senior High School over its consistent academic performance over the years.
The West African Examination Council, WAEC, on August 8, 2020, relocated its examination center from the campus of Bright Senior High School to Ofori Panin Senior High School(OPASS) over the misconduct of a handful of candidates

However, a year after the relocation, candidates of the school continue to excel in the WASSCE.

Management of the school told the media that, the provisional results data as analyzed vindicates the school about its unparalleled academic performance over the years.
The administrator of the School Jones Yeboah said, ” following the unfortunate incident which happened in 2020. We lost our Examination center status hence WAEC relocated our center to OPASS. We believe it was a challenge for us to prove to the world that indeed our excellent performance in WASSCE over the years have been purely on the merit of investment into quality tuition, ICT and Science laboratory, and human resources i.e. qualified teachers who are committed to going the extra mile to meet the needs and understanding of our students”
” In Bright Senior High School, we believe quality education is multifaceted therefore we approach education with all these in mind to ensure that academic excellence is achieved. This feat manifest at the tertiary level where our students are admitted “

Management of the school believes their exclusive inclusion in the 2022 National Science and Maths Quiz (NMSQ) Competition is yet another opportunity for the school to prove its academic might.

Bright SHS is a private Secondary school in Akyem Kukurantumi in the Abuakwa North Municipality in Eastern Region.

The school continues to receive many students due to its consistently excellent academic performance and conducive educational environment.

Admission is currently ongoing for all students who have passed their BECE and those who want to want to resit WASSCE to better their grades.
The vision of the school is to become a center of academic excellence and talent development.
Owing to this, management is exploring opportunities for strategic partnerships abroad to secure scholarships for its best students.

The school is also in engagement with partners to develop the talents of students in various disciplines and professions including acting, singing, sports, arts, IT programming among others as part of extra curriculum activity to increase students’ entrepreneurial and employability opportunities.

Story by Nsempawura /Sokynewsgh.com /  SOKY TV / Ghana


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