Komenda College of Education Organized a 2-day workshop for drivers

Systems are changing and the World is moving fast forward so as knowledge and skills. The Principal of Komenda College of Education-Very Reverend Kwesi Nkum Wilson (PhD) with His Management has organized a 2-Day workshop for all the Drivers for the college. This workshop took place at the College Conference Room from 13th-14th December, 2021.

Indeed, Lecturers and facilitators are attending workshops day-in-and-day-out and Drivers who drives them to their various venues can’t be left behind.

On this note, Management put together Resourceful Personals who are well vested in Driving to equip the college Drivers with new safety rules and modern skills in driving. These facilitators were Mr. Thomas Bismark Boakye, the Former Regional President of Occupational Safety and Health Association for Cape coast. Mr. Enoch Sekyi who is the Transport Officer for Fosu College of Education, Assin Fosu.

In his welcoming, Very Reverend Kwesi Nkum Wilson(PhD) emphasized on the need for workshops and in-service training for the College Drivers and promised to set Transport Office in the college for the Drivers. He, in addition urged the Human Resource Department for the college to feature in their plans for the subsequent years ahead for the College Drivers to be given yearly in-service training to help sharpen their skills and tactics in driving. In conclusion, he urged all the drivers to treat the workshop and the training with all urgency and maximum participation as every driver will be awarded with a Certificate by the College.

Activities and practices discussed by the Facilitators with the Drivers include; Dress code and etiquette, Driver’s duties and Responsibilities, Defensive and safety driving, Accident Management, Road traffic act Management, maintenance, vehicle documentation(Vehicle inventory book, Transport movement book, Maintenance ledger book and fuel Ledger book), DUI, PPMI management system, Procurement and Pullover.

It was really an amazing experience Workshop for the Drivers as Participants were served with snacks and Lunch, their questions and doubts were well clarified and answered. New knowledge, practices and skills were also imbibe. Ultimately, new safety rules and precautions were learnt by the participants..

Credit: Assai Hill News


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