Numeracy and Literacy to be taken out from the Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams

Teachers are required to acquire a license before they can teach in any Ghanaian school.

It is through that, the National Teaching Council introduced the Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams. Therefore, teachers are to sit for the these three papers (i.e Numeracy, Literacy, and Essential Skills)

Passing these three exams makes a teacher acquires the teacher license which then qualifies him/her as a professional teacher and is able to teach.

The exams conducted by the National Teaching Council has received a lot of criticism.

The National Teaching Council, NTC are now bringing changes in the Ghana Teacher Licensure Exams (GTLE) and are willing to scrub the Literacy and Numeracy from the examination.

This new reform will take effect in this year’s examination.

“The reforms will include the introduction of the subject and computer-based testing which will examine the proficiency of teachers in their areas of specialization as we do away with the paper and pen testing”- Mr. Addai

This subject-based test and computer based test (CBT) will examine the proficiency of those entering the teaching fraternity. These will replace the already known Numeracy and Literacy subjects conducted for the unlicensed teachers.

The Executive Director of the Council said, “Under the proposed plan, numeracy and literacy will be taken off the exams and candidates will be examined both in professionalism and competence in their major subject areas”.


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