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Thomas Tuchel on Chelsea’s system not suiting forwards: “There is a history of strikers struggling at Chelsea, so it may not be the easiest place in the world for strikers. In my opinion, Chelsea are considered a strong defensive team, a physical team that has a certain attitude when in competitive football. We demand a lot of our strikers in terms of defending. We want to be a physical, hard-working group that wants to play a physical game, as well as a skilful game […] It’s a complex sport and we will continue to play with faith, with a team effort, and it’s what we do.”

Thomas Tuchel, Chelsea manager: “We all know how physical French football is, how physical the attacking players are, how brave they are in one-on-ones, very disciplined against the ball, and [LOSC] have the chance to play this game as underdogs. It’s like always: we respect the game, respect the opponent, and prepare the team as we always do.”

Édouard Mendy, Chelsea goalkeeper: “[LOSC] have been performing well, so it’s not an easy draw, they are a good team. They’ve struggled a bit this season in the league, but it’s always difficult to be reigning champions. They’ve done very well in the Champions League and will do everything to make it hard for us and get a result.”

Édouard Mendy, Chelsea goalkeeper: “When it’s the Champions League and this stage of the competition, there are no easy draws. LOSC won their group and I think that reflects the performances they’ve produced in this competition against teams like Sevilla and Salzburg.”

Jocelyn Gourvennec, LOSC coach: “The players are used to playing in matches of this level, they are very experienced. We have prepared well for the match, but now we have to play it. We have to remember what got us here and play to our potential.”

Jocelyn Gourvennec, LOSC coach: “We had a difficult start in the Champions League [this season]. No one saw us finishing top of the group, but we defied expectations. It will be an extra step tomorrow against the defending champions [Chelsea]. It’s an enormous challenge.”

José Fonte, LOSC defender: “The group is ambitious. We’ve had a good run so far. We don’t want to stop, we’re going to fight. It’s a very difficult game, but have ambition.”

Source: UEFA

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