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The mathematics curiculum provides student teachers with a background in the theory and application of the content needed to understand the underlying structure and nature of mathematics. Inaddition, it exposes student teachers to the content knowledge needed in preparing them suficiently to teach mathematics beyond what they will be expected to teach at the basic education level.

The demand so far rapid change in an information-based society today have influenced mathematics programs in various ways. The skills needed for jobs require thoughtful workers who are oriented to problem solving, irrespective of their gender, cultural and socio- economic backgrounds. By studying mathematics, students are taught to reason, to analyse, to think for themselves, while it imparts confidence in their own reasoning powers , and strengthens their mental faculties.

Students need to use rules and thought processes of mathematics along with facts, to develop a reasoning patern that will translate to their everyday lives, making them better thinkers and problem solvers. It is important for students to view mathematics as a significant part of our culture, not only for its valuable scientific applications but also for its enrichment of our cultural life.

This mathematics curiculum is, therefore, intended to equip student teachers with the knowledge, skills and values needed to teach mathematics to basic school pupils in everyday life context.

Besides, it provides the requisite resource material for preparing student teachers to teach mathematics suficiently and effectively in our basic schools.

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