How Far With The Feeding Components?- TTAG Gives Update

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This week on the editor’s corner, we take time to revisit an old but pressing matter, FEEDING
COMPONENT REFUND. An issue that sits dear to the heart of all trainees yet not talked about much.


After the inception of COVID 19, Colleges of Education adapted a blended system which saw trainees have six (6) weeks of tuition on campus and another six (6) weeks online where trainees were at home. With this, the leadership of TTAG fell on stakeholders to refund part of the feeding component to trainees as they were not fed with the said amount. The meeting involved leadership of the Principals Conference of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF), Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC), and the Director in charge of Tertiary Education, Mr Eric Nkansah who served as the rep for the Ministry of Education.


Since the principals complained of high cost of food items and the cost of internet connectivity used during the use of online tuition, there was a resolution to share the money between the principals and trainees. The ministry,through the Director for GTEC, requested all principals to refund 60% of the said amount to trainees while they (the principals) kept the remaining 40%.


Mr. Joshua Owusu Yeboah, former Cordinator for TTAG gave the news desk a breakdown of the feeding component as follows.

For six weeks in the first and second semesters, trainees were home and that were not fed for the period of twelve weeks in total. Twelve week is equivalent to three months, that is GHS 196.00 * 3= 588.00. However, only 60% of the said amount is for trainees which is GHS 352.80.

Only GHS 176.40 was due trainees as at the last academic year since only part of the feeding
component had been paid. Now that arrears have been settled, Principals are to refund to trainees, a total of GHS 352.80 for last academic year. Means for this refund may differ based on the negotiations between the central administration and the students’ leadership.


Though a letter from GTEC was issued to all principals through the leadership of PRINCOF, only a few principals took steps to refund part of the feeding component due trainees.

Talking to some SRC officers in some colleges, they indicated that numerous attempts have been made to secure these funds for their constituents but to no avail. Some even used letters and fees bills from other colleges to support their cases yet some Principals are reluctant.

We therefore call on all SRCs to continue the quest to get trainees what they deserve.

I end this by asking, HOW FAR WITH THE FEEDING COMPONENT? Has your principal refunded yet?



Joshua Owusu Yeboah
Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC)
Principals Conference of Colleges of Education (PRINCOF)

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